heart of man round table

September 18, 2017

A few weeks ago I received a call from Jens Jacob at Sypher films.  Jens had recently completed post production on a feature film titled The Heart of ManThe Heart of Man is a religious film containing both documentary and narrative elements, and was set for theatrical release on Thursday, September 14th.

Secrets & lies

December 4, 2013

This past August I had the opportunity to work with music video director Saul Herckis and musicians Crystal Lane Swift (CLS) and Rich Ferguson on a music video titled Secrets and Lies.  Secrets and Lies explores the relationship of an untrusting couple.   Mr. Herckis’s visual treatment of the song takes us...


February 8, 2014

Earlier this year I was approached by writer/director Soraya Hajjaji about photographing her short film, Doubts. Doubts is a very serious piece that examines a young Muslim woman’s internal struggle with past sexual abuse. In the film, the young Muslim woman, Linda (Christine Uhebe, above left) is confronted by...

One Heart

May 12, 2016

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Director Arturo Vargas and Producer Deedee Benkovich on a short film titled One Heart.  Deedee not only produced the film, but also wrote the screenplay, which is a wonderful piece.  One Heart explores the many roles we take in our lives, how others perceive...

king eternal

September 9, 2013

This past summer, I had the opportunity to work with Writer/Director/Producer Christiano Dias on his short film, King Eternal.  The film explores how a young boy, Nicholas Orville Remington, copes with his parent’s divorce through his toy action figures and childhood imagination.

Monster in a house

September 14, 2015

Last June I was fortunate enough to work again with director Christiano Dias on a film titled, Monster in a House. I had worked with Chris previously on his film King Eternal, which turned out to be a wonderful piece, so when Chris contacted me about MIAH in this spring, I knew I should sign on. Chris had some...

dungeons & dorks

March 20, 2013

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a great group of people on a short film titled Dungeons and Dorks. I was contacted by Jimmy Yen in 2012 for his short film that was part of a larger web series, Trees Companee.